Boris Johnson named foreign secretary


By Daniel Hunter

Theresa May has made former London Mayor Boris Johnson foreign secretary in one of her first acts as Prime Minister.

He replaces Philip Hammond, who was named Chancellor in place of George Osborne.

Having led the campaign to leave the European Union, Boris Johnson will not lead the UK's rolexreviews affairs with the international community - a key position ahead of negotiations over the UK's exit from the EU.

The foreign secretary said he was "very humbled" to be given the position, adding that there was now a "massive opportunity in this country to make a great success of our new relationship with Europe and with the world".

There have been many raised eyebrows at Mr Johnson's appointment to a foreign-facing role. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said her "spend more time apologising to nations he's offended".

As recently as the EU referendum campaign, he was accused of "dog whistle racism" after suggesting that US President Barrack Obama wanted the UK to remain in the EU because he held a grudge against Britain as a result of his “part-Kenyan” heritage.

He has also offended Commonwealth states, the Turkish President, China, black Americans, and he infamously likened the European Union to Hitler during the referendum campaign.




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