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According to the Press Association former government trade and industry minister Lord (Digby) Jones of Birmingham is to become Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes chairman of HSBC's newly-formed International Business Advisory Board.

The bank said the board would advise HSBC on the development of its international business services for UK companies, create an educational programme to help British businesses and support overseas trade missions.

Paul Thurston, HSBC's managing director, UK, said: "Many British businesses Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes are looking at opportunities to build their business in overseas markets and HSBC, with our unrivalled global network, is uniquely placed to help them. Lord Jones is passionate about British business, and has great experience in helping UK Louboutin Wedding Shoes businesses connect to foreign markets."

Lord Jones, a former minister in the Business Department and ex-director general of Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes the CBI said: "I am absolutely delighted to be undertaking such an important role for such an important UK bank at such an important time.

"UK business must continue to reach out from the UK around the world and HSBC is there Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes to help, with lending and advice. I intend to help make a reality of such an opportunity at such a vital time."

It is claimed that HSBC is now the world's largest bank and the only one not in hock to the British taxpayer to some extent. HSBC are the sponsors Louboutin Wedding Shoes of the 2008 International Trade Awards due to be presented at the House of Lords on 5 March. Visit max pas cher
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