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South Korean won slips on news of Kim Jong-il's death


By Maximilian Clarke The South Korean won has fallen to a two-month low against the dollar and the pound as a result of the geopolitical uncertainty that Kim Jong-ilís death has left behind. The won tracks the performance of local equities to a large extent and the benchmark KOSPI stock index... read more


Lord Green: British business needs to be active and persistent in Libya


By Marcus Leach Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Green has advised UK firms to take a considered, strategic and active approach when it comes to doing business in Libya. He was speaking in London on Wednesday to over 500 businesses, largely small and medium-sized, at a conference on Rebuilding Libya. It... read more


UK exports dip below long term average


By Maximilian Clarke UK manufacturers reported a further slight weakening in total order books in December, while export orders remained well below their long-run average, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said today (Thursday). As a result, firms expect production to fall over the coming quarter, according to the CBIís latest monthly... read more


Manufacturing Advisory Service to boost economic growth by £1.5 billion


By Marcus Leach The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has signed a contract with the Manufacturing Advisory Consortium (MAC) to deliver the new Manufacturing Advisory Service in England. The Consortium, compromised of Grant Thornton UK LLP, Pera, WM Manufacturing Consortium Ltd and SWMAS Ltd., was awarded the contract in October 2011. The... read more


Government to investigate the long term future of manufacturing


By Marcus Leach A new Foresight project investigating the future of manufacturing out to 2050 was launched today (Wednesday) by Business Secretary Vince Cable. The two-year project will call on industry and academic expertise from the UK and abroad to look at the long-term picture for the manufacturing sector, investigating global trends... read more


Construction firms facing tough operating environment


By Marcus Leach Nearly nine out of ten UK construction firms expect public spending cuts to act as a drag on operating conditions, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said today (Wednesday). Responding to the first CBI/Speedy Services national construction survey, close to two-thirds of firms described the UKís planning system as... read more


UK trade deficit drops by two thirds on record exports


By Maximilian Clarke UK exports worth record £26.5bn, coupled with a £500m drop in imports have slashed the UKís monthly trade deficit from £4.3bn to £1.6bn, the Office for National Statisticsí today confirmed. The services sector boosted its surplus to £10bn, despite an increase in the import of services, as UK businesses... read more


Global outlook: Currency predictions for 2012


By Chris Towner, Director of FX Advisory Services at HiFX Sterling remains undervalued and despite all the uproar from the austerity measures, a tough approach to reducing the debt with stable politics is the only way forward and if there is a recovery then Sterling is well poised to take advantage... read more


Drop in mining, energy, offsets manufacturing gains


By Maximilian Clarke The index of UK industrial production has fallen by 1.7% as gains in the manufacturing sector failed to offset a 11.5% drop in mining and quarrying. The drop marks the 8th consecutive monthly fall for combined UK production indices, though the latest monthís figure was further depressed by record... read more


Dr Vince Cable supports campaign for more British exports to Asia


By Marcus Leach Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable and Foreign Secretary William Hague are today (Wednesday) launching a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) campaign to encourage more British companies to export to Asiaís high-growth and emerging markets. As part of the campaign, UKTI has joined forces with the RBS Group to... read more