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China property market ‘not a bubble’ according to research


By Marcus Leach Fears of a major housing bubble in China are overblown according to latest research from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU’s new Access China model which forecasts population and incomes in nearly 300 Chinese cities, points to on-going strength of demand for housing in China over the... read more


'Wednesday of worry' hits Britain


By Marcus Leach The 2011 Budget was announced last month, however, the majority of the cuts announced will only come into play today, which has been dubbed 'Black Wednesday'. Forty-four tax and benefit changes will automatically take effect today, and coupled with the VAT rise at the start of the year could... read more


Fukushima fallout shifts focus on UK solar industry


By Max Clarke Political fallout in the wake of the on-going Fukushima crisis has prompted Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to reconsider Britain’s nuclear power programme. Speaking in Mexico last week Mr Clegg said that the coalition would be unable to subsidise any future safety liabilities incurred by the British atomic industry... read more


Calais launches major logistics project


By Marcus Leach A new logistics project in Calais, Calais Premier, construction of which is expected to start next year is set to become one of the first direct gateways for goods distribution between the United Kingdom and continental Europe. This is the biggest logistics project in northern France, with a total... read more


BP Agrees Sale of Arco Aluminum


By Marcus Leach BP has announced that it has agreed the sale of its wholly-owned subsidiary, ARCO Aluminum Inc. to a special purpose vehicle incorporated by a consortium of Japanese companies. ARCO Aluminum is a supplier of rolled aluminium sheet, used primarily in the production of beverage cans. Under the terms of... read more


Boris to roll out cheaper vans in London


By Max Clarke In a bid to support London’s small businesses, Mayor Boris Johnson has announced ‘significant discounts’ for new vans and minibuses to owners of vehicles affected by next year’s Low Emission Zone. After 3rd January 2012, a range of high emissions vehicles- from lorries, to vans and flatbeds- will be... read more


Turkish PM's visit strengthens bilateral trade partnerships


By Marcus Leach Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Number 10. Mr Cameron said the visit came at a “pivotal moment for the Middle East” with Turkey playing a central role with its links to both east and west. In a press conference following their private... read more


Haulage king Eddie Stobart dies


By Marcus Leach Eddie Stobart, the son of the man behind the Eddie Stobart haulage lorry empire, has died at the age of 56. Having run his father's haulage business for more than 30 years Mr Stobart died from what was described as 'heart problems'. Mr Stobart sold the firm to his brother... read more


BAA forced into selling Stansted


By Max Clarke BAA, UK’s largest airport operator, has been ordered to sell Stansted Airport and one of its major Scottish Airports- either Glasgow or Edinburgh. The decision follows a 2009 report from the Competition Commission (CC), and upheld by the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which stated that passengers would benefit from increased... read more


Guidelines published ahead of Bribery Act


By Max Clarke Ahead of the implementation of the 2010 Bribery Act on June 1st, the Ministry of Justice has today published a set of guidelines to help businesses avoid being penalised for deliberate or inadvertent corruption. The guide outlines common sense steps including researching the culture of countries in which business... read more