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777777... read more


The end of Pacific trade, be careful of what you wish for


President Trump has signed an executive order for the US to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership – and in this one act, he secures the support of Bernie Sanders, the man who ran Hillary Clinton close for the nomination of the Democrat party during the US... read more


Should we hail the new God King Trump, or rush for the nuclear bunker?


Should we be celebrating the start of the era of President Trump and his bold selections for cabinet, or are the predictions by his critics about to be realised? Free thinkers. Say one thing for President Trump’s planned cabinet and team of advisors, there are an awful lot of... read more


China sees slowest growth in 25 years


The Chinese economy saw its slowest growth rate in 25 years in 2016, how serious is this? The Chinese economy grew by 6.8 per cent in Q4, year on year, according to data out this morning. This did in fact mark a mild pick-up from the previous three quarters. 2016... read more


UK lagging behind ‘Digital Tiger Economies’ – says Barclays


A failure to keep up with digital advancements and invest in digital skills could hamper the UK’s ability to compete economically on the world stage, according to new research from Barclays. The Barclays Digital Development Index benchmarks 10 countries around the world on their readiness to compete in the... read more


Eurozone economy starts 2017 with a nice dollop of good news


There was good news indeed on the Eurozone economy yesterday, as the latest purchasing managers’ indexes covering manufacturing were released. 68-month high, 67-month high, 35-month high, maybe we should use the word boom, the latest purchasing managers’ indexes, or PMIs, covering manufacturing across the Eurozone were unremittingly good. PMIs for Netherlands... read more


Inflation jumps, will it keep on rising?


Inflation rose in November, will it keep on rising? UK inflation rose to 1.2% in November. But when you drill down, things get interesting. Core inflation – which excludes food, energy and tobacco, is meant to give a better feel for underlying inflation, and it also rose, this time to 1.4%. But when... read more


Gorbachev, the West’s opportunity and the Putin scrutiny


Mikhail Gorbachev the last czar of the Soviet Empire – or president – a man who has endeared himself to the west, has been talking about Western attitudes towards Vladimir Putin, President Obama and President elect Trump, but also made comments about what was quite possibly the west’s greatest mistake.... read more


Australia, good news in the quest to avoid recession


The Australian economy contracted in the third quarter of this year, raising the spectre of a possible recession Down Under. But this morning saw good news. The last time Australia suffered a recession was the early 1990s – that’s assuming you define recession as two successive quarters of contraction. The economy... read more


FTSE boards gloomy about UK economy but no plans to relocate post Brexit vote


FTSE boards are firmly committed to remaining in the UK, despite the vote to leave the European Union, but remain deeply pessimistic about the economy, according to new research. In a survey of FTSE 350 companies, 72% of respondents are expecting economic conditions to deteriorate, with confidence in the UK economy... read more