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Globalisation and Brexit, global leaders shift emphasis

Part three of a series of three articles: IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, has been talking to the FT about globalisation.... read more


The benefits of trade and globalisation

Trade increases wealth. And according to one set of stats, in the United States alone, GDP is one trillion dollars higher today than it would have been had it not been for advances in trade since World War 2. That’s a staggering finding.... read more


Globalisation, is there really such a reason to be so discontented?

Economic theory is unequivocal. Free trade promotes wealth. It’s down to specialisation and is best summed by what many consider to be the most important economic theory there is: The Law of Comparative Advantage.... read more


UK will be ‘global facing’ after Brexit, Osborne says

The UK will be “more outward-looking, global-facing” after the vote to leave the European Union, the Chancellor George Osborne has pledged.... read more


Unleashing the power of small businesses – the UK’s agile exporters

Long gone are the days when international trade was just the preserve of big businesses.... read more


Businesses Urged to Consider the Benefits of Trading Internationally

In a changing economy, carving out a new avenue of income is essential for small businesses to expand, and international marketplaces offer vast opportunities for firms to remain competitive and secure new contracts.... read more


Brazil: An Ecommerce Hotspot

Online retailers looking to expand overseas should not overlook Brazil. In 2013 the Latin American powerhouse was ranked the seventh largest internet market globally and the online penetration rate is expected to rise from 44% to 48% by 2016. In this article, I will examine how online retailers can gain a foothold in this lucrative region.... read more


Asia’s Competitive Trading Landscape and How to Get Involved

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) China now has the world’s largest economy, knocking the US from the top spot. Estimated to be worth $17.6tn, China’s economy is still growing and has expanded at approximately 10% a year for the last 32 years. And it’s not just China: East Asia is the world’s fastest-growing region, with GDP growth projected to be stable at 6.1% in 2015.... read more


Let the Games Begin!

Savvy British SMEs are continually on the lookout for the next big opportunity to grow. Wanting to secure success in 2015 and beyond is natural and one consideration is to look at cultural events, which bring new customers to local businesses in the area.... read more


Achieving Success Overseas

The best piece of advice I can give anyone who wants to break into the export market is don’t be too hard on yourself. Start with the easy steps and once you have some experience of exporting, and all the rules and regulations that go with it, then and only then, move on.... read more



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