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Graph databases could be the answer to the growing fraud problem

Businesses, banks and insurance companies are losing billions of dollars every year due to fraudsters who have developed sophisticated ways of setting up new identities and eluding detection.... read more


The Not So Far East: Asia, the Next E-commerce Frontier

With retailers around the globe concentrating their attention on Asia as the next frontier, many make the mistake of focusing too heavily on China. Whilst China is undoubtedly Asia’s golden child, Asia comprises the largest and most populous continent with a combined population of approximately 4.4 billion, as such it presents a huge opportunity for the e-commerce industry.... read more


5 Reasons you Should Start your Business in the UK

For a long time now Silicon Valley has been seen as the oasis for entrepreneurs in search of success and fortune. The reasons for the migration of the best talent in business to the west coast of the United States of America (USA) only need to be stated to be obvious, from culture to excess capital.... read more


The Logistics of International Expansion

Thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, even the smallest companies now have access to potential customers all over the world. A useful stepping stone for many fledgling businesses is the ability to not only sell through their own e-commerce shops but to also list products on various online marketplaces like eBay and amazon. With more international products available via these channels, consumers are becoming more used to cross-border shopping.... read more


Disruption in the Retail Market: Alibaba’s IPO

It’s not the first time ecommerce giant, Alibaba has flirted with the idea of flotation, but now its plans are firmly laid bare as it has recently announced its IPO. [url=]louis vuitton soldes[/url] , [url=]air max femme pas cher[/url] , [url=]jordan 3 retro pas cher[/url] , [url=]sac ŕ main longchamp pliage pas cher[/url] , [url=]longchamp soldes[/url] , [url=]sac longchamp pas cher[/url] , [url=]nike running[/url] ... read more


International Trade Expo Interview: Robin Berry and Charles Lartey

Robin Berry and Charles Lartey discuss the steps a business should take to start trading internationally.... read more


Barclays Pocket Business Clinic: International Trading

‘Hi, my name’s Alan Bracken. I’m an International and Trade Business Manager for Barclays. This bite-size clinic is aimed at highlighting some of the considerations and factors involved when trading overseas.’... read more


International Trade Expo Interview: Chris Airey

Chris Airey discusses international trade. ... read more


International Trade Expo Interview: David Quinn

David Quinn talks about why international trade is important.

... read more


Securing Partnerships with Large Corporations

Large corporations offer great business opportunities to many small companies, so it’s little wonder that CEOs of SMEs will spend numerous hours deliberating over suitable partners. Not only will bigger businesses help provide a stamp of approval and attract other large customers, but they give SMEs the potential to scale their business by gaining access to the large company’s customer base.... read more



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