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Spain leads Eurozone economy

Spain was the fastest growing of the larger Eurozone economies in the most recent quarter. France and Spain were the two slowest growing economies, both seeing zero growth.... read more


Why it’s time to invest in Africa

Recently investors have been looking at the African continent for better returns on their money. Africa has been hailed as the next big investment destination following a decline in European and the previously championed BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies.... read more


Which Countries Give New Businesses the Best Chance to Succeed?

This year’s Forbes “best countries for business list” was an eye opener. Both the UK and, most surprisingly, the USA missed out on the top 10, finishing 13th and 18th respectively.... read more


Steps to Harnessing the Wealth of Trading Opportunities in Mexico

Operating free trade agreements with over 40 countries and transforming itself from a commodity and agricultural-based economy to one dominated by manufacturing and services, Mexico presents a wealth of opportunities in international trade.... read more


What Small Businesses Should Know About International Business in China

One of the most crucial elements to successful relationships during a business trip to China is the willingness and flexibility to adapt to local culture and customs. Chinese business people are generally very hospitable and often enjoy engaging foreign business contacts in local delicacies and customs.... read more


A Business Guide for Relocating to China

For the 11th consecutive year, China has been identified as one of the world’s top destinations for international business re-location. The Chinese rate of development continues to draw in foreign investors from around the world.... read more


Brazil: An Ecommerce Hotspot

Online retailers looking to expand overseas should not overlook Brazil. In 2013 the Latin American powerhouse was ranked the seventh largest internet market globally and the online penetration rate is expected to rise from 44% to 48% by 2016. In this article, I will examine how online retailers can gain a foothold in this lucrative region.... read more


Asia’s Competitive Trading Landscape and How to Get Involved

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) China now has the world’s largest economy, knocking the US from the top spot. Estimated to be worth $17.6tn, China’s economy is still growing and has expanded at approximately 10% a year for the last 32 years. And it’s not just China: East Asia is the world’s fastest-growing region, with GDP growth projected to be stable at 6.1% in 2015.... read more


The Not So Far East: Asia, the Next E-commerce Frontier

With retailers around the globe concentrating their attention on Asia as the next frontier, many make the mistake of focusing too heavily on China. Whilst China is undoubtedly Asia’s golden child, Asia comprises the largest and most populous continent with a combined population of approximately 4.4 billion, as such it presents a huge opportunity for the e-commerce industry.... read more


Trading with India

India is currently extremely topical on the world stage due to 2014’s general election and the resulting appointment of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, whose pro-business attitude has very much changed investor perceptions of India.... read more