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Big Data, analytics and fraud prevention

Much emphasis is being placed on the potential rewards of unlocking valuable information from such data volumes – the so-called promise of Big Data.... read more


Drilling Deep Into A Hidden Risk: Production Sharing Agreements and Joint Ventures

With the increasing zeal of post-recession regulatory enforcement, compliance breaches have become one of the key risks facing businesses and individual executives. This risk exposure very much includes the area of Bribery and Corruption - both deal-specific (such as during cap-ital-raising or a M&A transaction) and at an operational level (including logistics, procurement and distribution channels).... read more


Practical Advice for Navigating Compliance & the Investigative Landscape

It seems today that nearly every business sector generates headline-grabbing fraud, bribery and corruption-related stories - one only needs to look at the allegations surrounding FIFA, or any one of the recent banking industry scandals.... read more


TTIP: A Shot in the Arm for Global Traders

Talks are underway between the US and the EU to establish a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). With the deal facing obstacles in the US Congress as well as a growing attack in Europe, businesses leaders might be forgiven for wondering whether TTIP is worth all this bother.... read more


Translating Packaging Labels: What You Need To Know

Regulations make it necessary to include certain types of information on product labels. In the EU, this includes the presence of ingredients on foodstuffs, precautions for using cosmetics and the avoidance of false claims.... read more


Choppy Waters Lie Ahead

Following the Queen’s official opening of parliament, UK businesses could well slip into feeling as though all is certain for the future of their company. With the uncertainty of a hung parliament or a minority government a distant memory, this could be the time that UK businesses let their guard down. However, we are still in the midst of potentially massive changes, and businesses need to be at the top of their game to ensure that they have a plan of attack for any outcome that might come as a result of the new government.... read more


Global Expansion and the VAT Risks

A whole host of challenges face businesses operating abroad, not least of all VAT standardisation. Differing VAT rules, changing deadlines and potential language barriers make this a complicated area to navigate.... read more


Revisiting Compliance Across International Supply Chains

Regardless of the sector in which your company operates, or the country in which it is based, it is undoubtedly influenced by international laws - particularly the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and Dodd-Frank in the US, and The Bribery Act in the UK.... read more


UAE Insolvency Law: A Real Priority for Business Growth and Further Economic Prosperity for the Region

Towards the end of last year, it was announced that the UAE’s long anticipated reform of the insolvency reform bill was reaching its final stages prior to implementation. [url=]louboutin soldes[/url] , [url=]jordan pas cher[/url] , [url=]louis vuitton borse[/url] , [url=]nike air max 90 pas cher[/url] , [url=]jordan pas cher[/url] , [url=]jordan 5 retro pas cher[/url] , [url=]nike air max one pas cher[/url] ... read more


The Logistics of International Expansion

Thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, even the smallest companies now have access to potential customers all over the world. A useful stepping stone for many fledgling businesses is the ability to not only sell through their own e-commerce shops but to also list products on various online marketplaces like eBay and amazon. With more international products available via these channels, consumers are becoming more used to cross-border shopping.... read more



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