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Germany Sharpens Competitive Edge

On the basis of plans from a working group – set up by the governing German coalition between Christian and Social Democrats – a first draft of the Business Tax Reform Bill was presented by the Federal Ministry of Finance in February...... read more


New Age Of Muddle

EU obligations concerning discrimination against the elderly have hit a skid pan where UK pensions are concerned. ... read more


New Audience For 'Military Two-step'

The EU is looking at possible modifications regarding the control of exports of dual-use items. Konstaninos Adamantopoulos reports... ... read more


The $500bn Washday

It’s estimated that the global criminal community launders approximately $500bn each year. Crime certainly wouldn’t pay if criminals couldn’t enjoy the benefit of their gain – so the process of money laundering is intended to disguise the origin of ill-gotten funds so that they can then be used without constraint. ... read more


Briefing For 'Big Brother'

Making sure your international data transfers are legal has never been more important, and, at last, compliance has been made clearer. ... read more


The French Connection

Antoine Adeline and Guillaume Taillandier highlight two specifics of French law of particular interest to companies doing business in France or with French partners. ... read more


More Taxing Matters

Julie Evans assesses the Budget changes that affect industry...... read more


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