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RedPrairie Helps Businesses To Take The Sting Out Of New Duty Legislation

Updated Duty Management solution launched early to help customers comply with regulations. ... read more


Contracts And Terms Of Trade

This section provides all the practical information companies need to do business in the UK’s top 100 export markets...... read more



‘There is one and only one social responsibility of business - to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game.’ Milton Friedman ... read more


Legal Issues & Jurisdiction

In a typical legal dispute arising from an international trade transaction, it is foreseeable that an issue in the realm of private international law might arise.... read more


IP & Patents

When entering the global market, special concern has to be assigned to the protection not just of real and tangible property but also intellectual property. Intellectual property is protected by international treaties which act in the same way against piracy as trade regulations act on the unlawful resale and trade of tangible goods. ... read more


Corporate Structure

To form a corporation, you must file for "articles of incorporation." In addition, you must create "corporate bylaws," setting up basic rules that govern the ongoing formalities and decisions of corporate life, such as how and when to hold regular and special meetings of directors and shareholders and the number of votes that are necessary to approve corporate decisions. ... read more


International Law & Contracts

Laws covering trade between businesses in different countries have existed since the law merchant was born in the medieval period. As business has grown across national borders and business relations have deepened, the legal dimension of business has had to follow suit. All commercial transactions across borders exist within the framework of national legal systems. ... read more


Trading Across Borders

Private international law is the body of conventions, model laws, legal guides, and other documents and instruments regulating private relationships across national borders.... read more


Legal Directory

A list of legal firms that facilitate the export or import process. The listing provides contact details and the easy comparison of company products and services.... read more


The Global Share-out

Multi-national companies have been a feature of the global economy for many decades. Towards the end of the 20th century, the use of equity by publicly quoted companies became standard practice and those that operated internationally increasingly spread the benefits of their share incentive arrangements on a global basis. ... read more