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International Festival for Business - Newly Confirmed Events

The International Festival for Business (IFB) 2014 has added several new events to its ambitious programme, further enhancing its position as the UK’s most significant event for export and entrepreneurship.

... read more


International Expansion – Don’t Get Caught Out

For many small businesses the excitement of expanding their operations overseas into larger markets is a milestone but it can also be one fraught with danger, says Richard Manleyof Riverview Solicitors. ... read more


EU Data Protection Proposals: Outsourcing And Employee Data Issues

Outsourcing arrangements often require the transfer of employees’ personal data from the customer to the supplier or vice versa. For example, an outsourcing of payroll functions will involve the transfer of employee data.... read more


The Bribery Act: The Clock Is Ticking

With the Bribery Act just a few days away, Ernst & Young is warning that companies should be urgently putting in place measures to be compliant for when the legislation comes into force. “Companies need to understand the risks they may run if they do not make an active effort to demonstrate their willingness to abide by the Act," John Smart said. ... read more


The Excise Movement And Control System (EMCS) – More Gain Than Pain

The movement of excise goods within the European Union is taking on a new shape. In January 2011, the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) became mandatory - a computerised system for monitoring movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty within the EU, i.e. goods for which no excise dutis have yet been paid. ... read more



To encourage better use of the Incoterms, the International Chambers of Commerce has launched new rules which will take effect from 1st January 2011.... read more


On The Straight And Narrow: Safeguarding Your Route To Market

New EU competition regulations could put the enforceability of some existing supply chain arrangements at risk. The new rules, which came into force on 1 June, move the boundaries of what is and is not permitted in agreements between suppliers and resellers down the supply chain.... read more


Bribery Abroad - It's Worth The Risk?

John Burbidge-King, anti-bribery expert and CEO of Interchange Solutions, explains why businesses operating in a beleaguered UK economy might be tempted to run the risk of bribery to secure foreign contracts.... read more


UK Bribery Act – What To Watch For; and What To Do.

As if doing business in the current economic climate wasn’t difficult enough already. Having received Royal Assent, the Bribery Act comes into full effect in the near future and issues yet another harsh challenge to managers, owners and operators of businesses even peripherally linked to the UK. ... read more


European Expansion: Get It Right From The Start

For many companies, expansion into Europe is a new experience. In the long-run, seeking information and professional advice, from the right people, can save a great deal of time and money and make the process far less complicated. ... read more