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Tips for Conducting Business Across Continents

If youíre looking to conduct cross-continent business, know that you can, but the task is not easy. Managing one location has itís own challenges like keeping up with all of your departments including Human Resources, sales, marketing and the like. Now, think about doing that, but all over the world where there are different time zones, cultures and expectations.... read more


Starting to Trade Internationally

For many small businesses the first time they even think about selling their products or services outside the UK is when they receive an incoming enquiry from a potential customer in another country. Although it can be an exciting prospect this can raise a lot of questions:... read more


Practical Advice for Navigating Compliance & the Investigative Landscape

It seems today that nearly every business sector generates headline-grabbing fraud, bribery and corruption-related stories - one only needs to look at the allegations surrounding FIFA, or any one of the recent banking industry scandals.... read more


Taking Business Overseas

A recent YouGov report revealed that six in ten small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are expected to be exporting by 2016 - a 20 per cent increase on 2014. Therefore, it is more important than ever for businesses to be equipped with the right knowledge to overcome potential barriers they may face when doing business in foreign markets.... read more


How to Plan for Global Expansion

The prospect of expanding your business outside of the UK is an exciting one. You've already seen success on home turf and you want to see that replicated across the globe, but where do you start?... read more


4 Top Tips for Small Businesses Doing Business Overseas

Any new business venture is going to be a risk. Thatís part of what makes it exciting and a challenge. Naturally, however, you want to do all you can to keep that risk to a minimum, to be as prepared as you can be for whatís to come. A successful new business venture is, after all, even more exciting.... read more


Achieving Success Overseas

The best piece of advice I can give anyone who wants to break into the export market is donít be too hard on yourself. Start with the easy steps and once you have some experience of exporting, and all the rules and regulations that go with it, then and only then, move on.... read more


Mass Differentiation : Managing Micro-Markets in a Global Economy

Global business is hypercompetitive, fueled by fast, new, developing markets and production centers like China. And global markets are a major source of enterprise growth. These facts require that we re-asses our position within the economy.... read more


Managing the Effects of International Expansion on the Supply Chain

Global expansion continues to be a hot subject for retail boardrooms and PR teams, with highly publicised moves from the likes of Topshop, Primark and H&M all expanding into new territories. However, whilst international expansion can be a profitable and strategic move for established retailers with translatable brands, it can also put a huge strain on the supply chain if not managed carefully.... read more


Revisiting Compliance Across International Supply Chains

Regardless of the sector in which your company operates, or the country in which it is based, it is undoubtedly influenced by international laws - particularly the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and Dodd-Frank in the US, and The Bribery Act in the UK.... read more



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