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Graph databases could be the answer to the growing fraud problem

Businesses, banks and insurance companies are losing billions of dollars every year due to fraudsters who have developed sophisticated ways of setting up new identities and eluding detection.... read more


Big Data, analytics and fraud prevention

Much emphasis is being placed on the potential rewards of unlocking valuable information from such data volumes – the so-called promise of Big Data.... read more


The Logistics of International Expansion

Thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, even the smallest companies now have access to potential customers all over the world. A useful stepping stone for many fledgling businesses is the ability to not only sell through their own e-commerce shops but to also list products on various online marketplaces like eBay and amazon. With more international products available via these channels, consumers are becoming more used to cross-border shopping.... read more


International Festival for Business - Newly Confirmed Events

The International Festival for Business (IFB) 2014 has added several new events to its ambitious programme, further enhancing its position as the UK’s most significant event for export and entrepreneurship.

... read more


The Importance Of Cultural Insight When Expanding Into New Markets

“The secret of success is to understand the point of view of others,” said the US carmaker Henry Ford, a man who knew a few things about corporate growth. Ford’s advice is especially worth remembering at a time when businesses of all sizes are looking for growth opportunities overseas. Evidence suggests that this strategy of looking for new markets is the right one. Companies operating internationally are reporting better results (in terms of revenues, profits, or both) than companies that focus only on domestic markets. ... read more


Outsourcing Records Management Makes Economic Sense

Economic downturns are typically a time when businesses take stock of their assets and reassess areas for cost reduction. One major area of expenditure for many businesses is office and storage space. Whilst some might expect the cost of space to fall significantly during a recession, market information shows that despite the current economic uncertainty average monthly office rents in the UK remain significant, often standing at well over £40 per square foot for prime office space in London. Given that the cost of office space remains high, the natural question many are asking is whether their business could simply use less space or use what they have more efficiently. ... read more


Protecting Your Intellectual Property in a Global Marketplace

The world may still be in the midst of a downturn, but that has not stopped the steady march of globalisation, and with it, the need to protect an organisation’s intellectual property across borders. ... read more


Intellectual Property Rights An Increasingly Important Factor In International Trade

Peter Prowse of Waylines Consulting looks at how entrepreneurs are increasingly using patents and other intellectual property rights to build markets overseas. ... read more


Applying For A Patent In Other Countries & Overseas Copyright and Design Protection

A UK patent for your invention applies in the UK only. For protection overseas you need to file an application in each of the separate countries in which you want protection. ... read more


Terms Used In Intellectual Property Rights

The terms used in intellectual property rights (IPR) have precise legal meanings and it is important to understand them and use them correctly so the authorities, including HM Revenue & Customs, who will act to protect your rights, can help you. ... read more



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