Why Do We Think Export Is Attractive?


By Richard Isley, Partner at The Sales & Marketing Consulting Group

For the small and medium enterprise (SME), the first question to ask is – why do we think export is attractive? You may see a huge market opportunity but export often carries extra cost and time. You may have to deal with new regulations, legal and reporting requirements, language and so on to say nothing of the communication, distance issues and the need to have some form of local sales or support function. Currency fluctuations can have a huge impact. Export can be a much more expensive option.

A better question therefore is – have we really exhausted all of our domestic options? Seeking new business in your home market is generally much easier than going overseas. If you are struggling to win new business in the home market, why do you think it will be any easier overseas given all of the additional problems associated with building an export business?

For those companies that have decided to seek new business overseas, there are a number of steps to work through. christian louboutin uk , nike air max , louboutin shoes , air max one pas cher , sac a main louis vuitton pas cher , air max pas cher , nike tn ,

- Have a clear understanding about what you want to achieve

- What is success? This will help you to understand the scope and investment in terms of time and effort required.

- Define why you are successful in your home market - this will help... continued on page two >



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