The Importance of Improved Deal Making Skills If UK Businesses Want To Win Internationally

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...these questions is "no", then the UK has a problem. Negotiation skills are becoming ever more important as China and India grow in negotiating strength, as emerging economies like Brazil become more powerful, as the demands of technology place an ever greater premium on effective deal partnerships, and as the lingering effects of recession and the credit crunch continue to squeeze the availability of working capital.
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Much is made of the need to understand cultural differences when negotiating with the Chinese, or Middle Eastern countries, and it is true that any intelligent negotiator would take these cultural differences into account. However, the same essentials of effective negotiation underpin any deal, regardless of the nationality of the participants.

So, British companies need to become far more effective at negotiating if they are to prosper in the new "Deal Economy". They need to prioritise the acquisition and development of negotiation skills, not as a training exercise, but as an investment in a precious asset, which will deliver a measurable, return. They need to prepare themselves to negotiate smarter. And we all know that if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail!

["> Clive Rich [/nurl"> helps companies with their negotiations – either assisting in the set up and preparation of a deal or even running the deal on their behalf – ensuring UK business wins on... continued on page three >



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