Dubai: The world’s logistics hub?

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...distinct geographical advantage to businesses. Within a four-hour time zone of billions of people Dubai offers an ideal catchment area. Excellently placed for the UAE as well as emerging markets - particularly Africa -businesses operating in Dubai can serve a number of dynamic emerging markets through it.

Many companies are finding that Dubai is a particularly good place for inventory hubs when taking their first steps into new markets. We’re finding a lot of companies are now using Dubai as a base, because it gives companies the opportunity to have inventory available to serve a number of countries. After setting up operations in Dubai they can use it as a platform to serve the blossoming local market as well as enter regions in North, East and Central Africa, and the rest of the Middle East.

Entrepreneurial spirit

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Location isn’t Dubai’s only selling point. For many people, the most important benefit is that it’s tax-free. With no income tax, no value added tax, no employment tax and no corporate tax; tax is just not a word in the city’s vocabulary.

Another string to Dubai’s bow is a pronounced business-friendly culture. The World Bank has recently ranked the UAE as the 23rd easiest country to do business in. And it’s important to keep in mind that the UAE is a growing nation with huge opportunities for the people that thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. The UAE is also favourable towards non-Emiratis: 81 percent of the population are expatriates.

But, like any market, Dubai does have its drawbacks. One problem is that people come to Dubai, not having done very much research, thinking that it will be like London. They realise too late that the UAE... continued on page three >



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