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Steps to Harnessing the Wealth of Trading Opportunities in Mexico

Operating free trade agreements with over 40 countries and transforming itself from a commodity and agricultural-based economy to one dominated by manufacturing and services, Mexico presents a wealth of opportunities in international trade.... read more


Tips for Conducting Business Across Continents

If youíre looking to conduct cross-continent business, know that you can, but the task is not easy. Managing one location has itís own challenges like keeping up with all of your departments including Human Resources, sales, marketing and the like. Now, think about doing that, but all over the world where there are different time zones, cultures and expectations.... read more


What Small Businesses Should Know About International Business in China

One of the most crucial elements to successful relationships during a business trip to China is the willingness and flexibility to adapt to local culture and customs. Chinese business people are generally very hospitable and often enjoy engaging foreign business contacts in local delicacies and customs.... read more


Starting to Trade Internationally

For many small businesses the first time they even think about selling their products or services outside the UK is when they receive an incoming enquiry from a potential customer in another country. Although it can be an exciting prospect this can raise a lot of questions:... read more


How to Boost Online Sales Overseas

UK retailers are recognised as a leader in selling overseas. With a great reputation around the world and the English language so widely spoken, UK businesses have an advantage of cross-border selling to reach more customers.... read more


The Role of Translation when Entering International Markets

Companies large and small often see export as a way of strengthening sales performance, and improving profitability. The logic is clear, if you can sell successfully in the UK, surely you can also sell in international markets.... read more


Internet Performance and the Cross-Border Ecommerce Advantage

The international market for cross-border ecommerce will grow to £666 billion ($1 trillion) by 2020. For UK brands this is a huge business opportunity, especially as the popularity of British brands such as ASOS, Burberry and Topshop have continued to grow more appealing to shoppers abroad.... read more


Ad Hoc Localisation Could be Impacting Businesses Looking to Expand Abroad

As any successful global brand will tell you, expansion into new markets can be tough. It involves much more than merely opening an office or offering shipping to a new country. Itís a risky process. Companies can overextend themselves; cash flow can become stretched and the ability to meet customersí needs grows ever more important.... read more


Practical Advice for Navigating Compliance & the Investigative Landscape

It seems today that nearly every business sector generates headline-grabbing fraud, bribery and corruption-related stories - one only needs to look at the allegations surrounding FIFA, or any one of the recent banking industry scandals.... read more


TTIP: A Shot in the Arm for Global Traders

Talks are underway between the US and the EU to establish a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). With the deal facing obstacles in the US Congress as well as a growing attack in Europe, businesses leaders might be forgiven for wondering whether TTIP is worth all this bother.... read more