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A Cultural Fit is the Key to Global Success

With rapid developments in technology and virtual working becoming increasingly popular, the working world is constantly evolving. In a recovering economy, more businesses are looking to new horizons and starting to expand globally in order to reap the benefits of a worldwide market. In fact, according to a recent international report published by BT, 80% of business decision makers believe that international expansion is essential for the success of their organisation. But venturing into international trade is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to getting a global workforce to work collaboratively. It is people who drive a business towards success so how can you unite your workforce across country borders?... read more


Investing in the Chinese Monster

With the Chinese government establishing policies in infrastructure, science and technology innovation, workforce development, safety, health and sustainability,

the country’s manufacturing industry is continuing to rapidly grow and become increasingly more competitive on the global market. This, coupled with investments in key strategic markets such as high-end equipment manufacturing, makes China an interesting market opportunity for UK businesses to be involved with.... read more


Preparing For A Trade Mission – Three Months to Go

Travel is vital for businesses who want to export. There are many different ways to visit a marketplace, and they fall generally into three main types: holidays, individual business trips and structured, purpose-designed trade missions. The latter is often organised in conjunction with trade bodies and UKTI, with banks being a key partner.

... read more


Top Tips for Doing Business Overseas

The UK economy has exporting to thank for its recent growth. The advent of technology has allowed more companies to do business anywhere in the world,

putting Great Britain on the map as a number one destination for shipping goods to sell abroad. This is especially true for manufacturing, a sector that is increasingly attracting attention from foreign investors according to the UKTI Inward Investment Report.... read more


Dubai: The world’s logistics hub?

As the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates (the UAE), Dubai is often associated with the oil industry. But the city has much more to it than that. Non-oil industries currently contribute a surprisingly large 70 percent (approx.) of the UAE’s gross domestic product and Dubai has very healthy manufacturing, financial services and tourism sectors. ... read more


The Importance of Overseas Trading

Export has played a pivotal role in the success of Oliver Valves, the Knutsford-based manufacturer of valves for the oil and gas industry. Here I tell the story of my international success and call for more support for British exporters.... read more


5 Things to Get Right Before You Start Selling to Overseas Customers

If you’re thinking about growing your business, you may have considered whether you can provide goods and services to new customers based overseas.... read more


Top Tips for Businesses Expanding Abroad

With the economic recovery now well underway many UK businesses are looking beyond these shores to expand into new markets that will enable them to broaden their revenue stream. In a globalised economy, the same considerations you make for a local customer often apply in a number of markets; Ireland or the Netherlands for example, often have similar requirements to UK customers. As such there is an immediate opportunity for businesses of all sizes to tap into any number of lucrative markets.... read more


Introducing Gate 8

One of the hardest things about preparing for a trip is figuring out what to pack. If you're traveling for business, especially if it is to a city you’ve never visited before (to meet clients that you’ve never met before) then the task can seem pretty daunting.... read more


International Trade Expo Interview: Robin Berry and Charles Lartey

Robin Berry and Charles Lartey discuss the steps a business should take to start trading internationally.... read more