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Growing your Business Overseas: Tips for Maximising the Success of your Export Strategy

Exporting overseas can present excellent opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their business and grow revenues, with research indicating that businesses are 11% more likely to survive if they do. However, despite the many advantages, it can often be a daunting process, deterring many businesses from branching out into new markets. With only one in five UK SMEs exporting, it’s clear that many businesses have yet to tap into the potential that global markets hold. Whilst entering a new market can undoubtedly pose challenges, if your business is considering entering a new territory, there are important steps to consider to maximise the success of your overseas venture. ... read more


Five Reasons 2015 is THE YEAR for Exporting to the U.S.A.

With a brand new year upon us, you are probably thinking about where your company is heading. This is especially true for mid-market companies looking for export growth opportunities in the face of a stagnant European economy.... read more


Eight Surprising Customs Rules to be Aware of

As an SME, navigating the shipping market can be a daunting task. With so many rules and regulations to abide by, it can seem like a never-ending list. But help is now at hand!... read more


A Safe Inward Journey

Britain is open for business to foreign investors. But faced with a complex matrix of regulations and cultural sensitivities, overseas businesses seeking to internationalise their business to the UK need strong professional advice to ensure the journey – for both the business and its migrant employees – goes inwards and upwards. James Townsend examines the role of immigration in inward investment.... read more


The Top 10 Must Dos for First-time Exporters

With the UK recording the strongest export growth in Europe in 2013, the time is ripe for British businesses to capitalise on overseas opportunities. This year, British export growth is predicted to rise to 3.6%. As a result, the UK is set to become the second fastest growing G7 economy this year (after the US), ahead of Germany, Japan and Canada.... read more


Expanding Abroad: The Challenges and the Path to Success

Expanding abroad sounds like the next logical step. Your product sells great at home, who wouldn’t want to buy it? Ever tried exporting tea to China? Selling chocolate to Belgium? Thankfully, we haven’t but examples like these highlight the barriers that can arise when selling your product overseas.... read more


Expanding Abroad: The Value of a Language Strategy

As economic globalisation grows and the benefits of exporting increase, so does the UK’s dependence on foreign language skills. With research from Professor Foreman-Peck demonstrating that UK businesses have lost the equivalent of £48bn a year from reduced capability to export, it’s important that more businesses wake up to the value of adopting a language strategy in order to succeed in markets abroad.... read more


Taking Hampshire’s Expertise Global

For many companies the thought of selling or expanding overseas is overwhelming and appears fraught with difficulty. In reality, however, it is the same process as selling into any market - you need to complete due diligence through effective research into opportunities and risks and leverage experts who can assist your expansion. ... read more


Keeping Your Employees Safe Abroad

It’s every manager’s worst nightmare – a seemingly regular business trip goes wrong and your employee goes missing abroad. Your emails are unanswered, calls unreturned, and the employee fails to turn up to their scheduled meeting. Alongside the possible harm your employee has encountered, you’re also facing a media inquisition and the possibility of criminal charges. ... read more


Stand and Deliver to a Growing Audience and Growing Profits

When retailers and e-commerce businesses consider delivery options for their customers, it can be almost an afterthought to consider customers outside of the country. Of course the Internet allows these customers access to your products and the lowering of barriers and borders makes servicing these consumers much simpler. Here is how to maximise your customer base and access those markets. In the Internet age, people are accustomed to being able to purchase anytime and from anywhere. Having your online presence optimised for mobile use is important to reach those that don't have leisure time to go to a computer. To reach your maximum customer base, you should consider mobile devices like tablets, smart phones, computers (specifically different browser compatibility) and languages. If you don't consider these things, your competition will snare those customers instead of you. ... read more