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Stand and Deliver to a Growing Audience and Growing Profits

When retailers and e-commerce businesses consider delivery options for their customers, it can be almost an afterthought to consider customers outside of the country. Of course the Internet allows these customers access to your products and the lowering of barriers and borders makes servicing these consumers much simpler. Here is how to maximise your customer base and access those markets. In the Internet age, people are accustomed to being able to purchase anytime and from anywhere. Having your online presence optimised for mobile use is important to reach those that don't have leisure time to go to a computer. To reach your maximum customer base, you should consider mobile devices like tablets, smart phones, computers (specifically different browser compatibility) and languages. If you don't consider these things, your competition will snare those customers instead of you. ... read more


Feliz Navidad! Frohe Weihnachten! Joyeux Noël! What Business Owners Need to Know About the Festive Period Around the World

Living in the UK makes it all too easy to become preoccupied by our own Christmas traditions. The last minute panic on the 24th, excessive eating on the 25th and chaotic “Boxing Day” sales on the 26th, are all part and parcel of the UK holiday season. As Christmas approaches, UK business owners could therefore be forgiven for focusing all their attention on their local market.... read more


Becoming a 'Multi-' Business: Get your People, Processes and Technology Shipshape

Business need to be aware of so much to successfully crack the export market. At base they need to acquire expertise or mentoring in how to be ‘multi-' – that’s -language, -company, -site, -currency, -ledger (i.e. accounting principles), and -legislation. ... read more


Exporting "Brand Britain"

As with any sales to anyone the biggest tip is to concentrate more on the benefit to the person that you are selling to than on the product itself. Anyone who could help your brand abroad will have the option on 1000's of other products. The people selling those products will all be saying how their products are the best. Instead of focusing on this, focus on what you offer; customers already willing to buy, better marketing, better margins, easy to deal with team, experience and knowledge within the market etc. Remember most of the people that you will sell to are businesses, they are less interested in how your products help the end user and more interested in how they help their business.... read more


Delivery Decisions for Exporters

The internet economy continues to grow apace, with analysts predicting that by 2016 the online market will be worth $4.2 trillion dollars in the G20 economies. The internet and the growth of ecommerce are giving online retailers a clear opportunity to expand their customer base across the world.... read more


How to Protect Your Business Overseas

With the UK economy out of recession, two out of five (39%) senior decision makers at UK SMEs are firmly focused on increasing sales and profitability to grow the bottom line. The CBI has reported that businesses are 11% more likely to survive if they export, and the government is actively encouraging smaller businesses to export overseas. For SMEs, expanding and operating internationally is a real option to grow business. But, for those who are about to embark on international trade, taking a diligent approach as to who you do business with is crucial.... read more


UK Small Businesses Breaking into Overseas Markets: Top Tips

Small businesses are being encouraged to fulfil their international potential, making the most of industry support and latest technologies to make the transition.... read more


The China Challenge

The ecommerce landscape in China presents lucrative opportunities for overseas retailers. McKinsey & Co recently produced a report suggesting that the market will be between US$420bn and US$650bn by 2020. ... read more


Small Business Needs TTIP To Overcome Obstacles

America and Europe have more than just history, culture and values in common. Our economic health depends on our taking every opportunity to increase trade between the continents. After all, the United States and the European Union are each other’s largest economic partners – trading over $2 Billion in goods and services every day. ... read more


International Expansion: Why Now is The Right Time to Consider Exporting Opportunities

As we approach the end of 2014 business surveys are presenting a mixed picture for SMEs across the UK. The Office for National Statistics stated that the UK is set to become the fastest growing G7 economy in 2014, although the Bank of England expects growth figures to slow during 2015.... read more