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Achieving Success Overseas

The best piece of advice I can give anyone who wants to break into the export market is don’t be too hard on yourself. Start with the easy steps and once you have some experience of exporting, and all the rules and regulations that go with it, then and only then, move on.... read more


Global Expansion and the VAT Risks

A whole host of challenges face businesses operating abroad, not least of all VAT standardisation. Differing VAT rules, changing deadlines and potential language barriers make this a complicated area to navigate.... read more


Businesses Missing Out by Not Prioritising a Language Strategy

The UK is, at its heart, an outward-facing trading nation and British businesses feature across the world in nearly every market. However, we are missing out on significant export opportunities to an estimated £48bn a year because of poor language skills.... read more


Why Credit Checking Should be at the Top of your Internationally Trading to-do List

UK small businesses are increasingly turning to Europe and other territories as they seek new markets and customers for their products and services. It can be a lucrative and exciting new direction in which to take a small business, but it is also one that contains an element of risk – will international customers pay your invoices on time, or even at all?... read more


Cracking the U.S. Market

Trade between the U.S. and the UK is currently worth more than £130bn a year. That’s not surprising seeing as recently named the U.S. as the UK’s “fourth easiest country to do business with”.... read more


The World is your Oyster

We live in a global village where even the smallest businesses can scale their operations up to an international level. For many companies, overseas growth is driven by the ability to access expertise or markets that they might be unable to source domestically.... read more


Real Business Exporting Advice

With over 580,000 new businesses having launched in 2014, it was a particularly strong year for the emergence of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). In 2015, many of these new businesses are taking advantage of the great demand for quality British products across the world and are opting to export their goods to overseas markets. When taking advantage of the opportunities new markets can bring, there are several areas which businesses need to be mindful of.... read more


Business without Borders: Tips for First Time Exporters

My bank manager told me a story that has stuck with me. He was going to see a company a few years ago that was struggling. They supplied hardware to the construction industry and due to the downturn, at the time, there was no construction happening within ten miles of the company. However 20 miles away there was a big project starting and my bank manager pointed this out to the owner.... read more


Mass Differentiation : Managing Micro-Markets in a Global Economy

Global business is hypercompetitive, fueled by fast, new, developing markets and production centers like China. And global markets are a major source of enterprise growth. These facts require that we re-asses our position within the economy.... read more


How to Get Your Business a Part of the $30 Trillion Flow of Worldwide Online Revenue!

Online trade is worth 30 Trillion dollars US* of revenue worldwide annually. Whether you are looking at countries in continental Europe, the Americas or further afield, it just needs a little bravery and some market insight to enable your business to break into new countries and make a success of growing a whole new revenue stream.... read more