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Globalisation and Brexit, global leaders shift emphasis

Part three of a series of three articles: IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, has been talking to the FT about globalisation.... read more


The benefits of trade and globalisation

Trade increases wealth. And according to one set of stats, in the United States alone, GDP is one trillion dollars higher today than it would have been had it not been for advances in trade since World War 2. That’s a staggering finding.... read more


Globalisation, is there really such a reason to be so discontented?

Economic theory is unequivocal. Free trade promotes wealth. It’s down to specialisation and is best summed by what many consider to be the most important economic theory there is: The Law of Comparative Advantage.... read more


UK will be ‘global facing’ after Brexit, Osborne says

The UK will be “more outward-looking, global-facing” after the vote to leave the European Union, the Chancellor George Osborne has pledged.... read more


Unleashing the power of small businesses – the UK’s agile exporters

Long gone are the days when international trade was just the preserve of big businesses.... read more


Graph databases could be the answer to the growing fraud problem

Businesses, banks and insurance companies are losing billions of dollars every year due to fraudsters who have developed sophisticated ways of setting up new identities and eluding detection.... read more


Big Data, analytics and fraud prevention

Much emphasis is being placed on the potential rewards of unlocking valuable information from such data volumes – the so-called promise of Big Data.... read more


Drilling Deep Into A Hidden Risk: Production Sharing Agreements and Joint Ventures

With the increasing zeal of post-recession regulatory enforcement, compliance breaches have become one of the key risks facing businesses and individual executives. This risk exposure very much includes the area of Bribery and Corruption - both deal-specific (such as during cap-ital-raising or a M&A transaction) and at an operational level (including logistics, procurement and distribution channels).... read more


Which Countries Give New Businesses the Best Chance to Succeed?

This year’s Forbes “best countries for business list” was an eye opener. Both the UK and, most surprisingly, the USA missed out on the top 10, finishing 13th and 18th respectively.... read more


Steps to Harnessing the Wealth of Trading Opportunities in Mexico

Operating free trade agreements with over 40 countries and transforming itself from a commodity and agricultural-based economy to one dominated by manufacturing and services, Mexico presents a wealth of opportunities in international trade.... read more