International Trade Expo Interview: Lord Bilimoria


By Daniel Hunter

We recently caught up with Lord Bilimoria, founder and chairman of Cobra Beer.

What advice would you give to somebody entering a new market for the first time?

At Cobra beer from the beginning, we wanted to create the finest ever Indian beer and make it a global beer brand. So exporting the beer around the world was part of our game plan from day one.

I think any business, however small, needs to have ambitions from day one and you have to try and deal with the national market and think globally, operating on a global scale from the beginning.

We started exporting Cobra within a couple of years of starting the business, and built the base in the UK as soon as we could we started exporting, initially to countries in Europe, and now Cobra exports to 30 countries around the world.

What are the primary steps that businesses should take before they start trading internationally?

You need to have the attitude to trade internationally, the attitude to be global. You must think global, act global. You need to get on a plane and go and meet people and explore markets and be adventurous to that extent.

The most important thing is do your proper research, and for this you can do a lot of that research essentially at your desk. So much information is available but also to use the networks that are available. The UK Trade Investment is there to help every export in this country. christian louboutin outlet uk , nike pas cher , nike blazer , sac a main louis vuitton , , longchamp... continued on page two >



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