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International Trade

International Trade Newsletter

Issue #108 September 2014

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International Trade Newsletter

Whether you need to formulate your international trade strategy, maximise your chances of export success or take control of the risks associated with exchange rates, why not attend an International Trade Clinic from Barclays and UK Trade & Investment?

Shipping is a fundamental aspect of successful international trade and good shipping is about managing for the best and expecting the worse, especially at peak times. Better to promise longer delivery and surprise the customer by a day, than have a frustrated or worried customer. Even off-peak, good shipping is about testing the alternatives to get the best value for customers in terms of service vs. cost, and then managing the customer’s expectation to exceed that value.

Unfortunately, delivery errors are often learned the hard way, after customer complaints and lost time and money.

That's why in today's newsletter we're armed with some quick tips on how to avoid some of the most common shipping mistakes.

Enjoy reading!

Marcus Leach
Editorial Department, International Trade

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BT Tradespace - Free Online Community For SMEs
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BT Tradespace - Free Online Community For SMEs
BT Tradespace, exhibitor at Entrepreneurs in London 2008 - Mark Riley, Strategic Partnership Manager at BT Tradespace, talks to us...

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By Caxton FX

Foreign exchange risk can be a concern for any company involved in trade across borders. Market volatility, unpredictable in its nature, can significantly affect the value of your investment, but should not be a deterrent to ambitious businesses. Taking a tailored, strategic approach to your currency will ensure you find a solution that manages your risk...

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Is Your International Business Prepared to Take International Payments?


By Tobias Schreyer, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, PPRO Group

Supporting local payment methods is a simple and effective way to increase e-commerce conversion rates and reach. So why have so few traders embraced the opportunity to internationalise their business?

By excluding certain payment options you are limiting your sale opportunities, because some customers will have no choice but to leave without purchasing what they wanted. You wouldn’t expect merchants to damage their own business in this way, but most online traders are doing exactly that.

Proven correlation between conversion rate and payment method

There is a clear link between conversion rates, customer reach and the right mix of electronic payment methods. 83% of...

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Grow Your Own International Business


By Richard Dorf, CEO of PXtech

It’s no secret that the marker of any successful retailer is growth. From the very beginning businesses are geared towards increasing everything — higher volumes of customers, sales, orders and profits are the stuff dreams are made of — but how do you push that growth not only on home turf — but into wider foreign markets too?

Of course growth is important, but it also needs to be sustainable - so keeping control of operational standards as well as financial performance is a must. Growing across geographical boundaries is arguably a positive step, but it also poses many challenges — not least the ability to have a...

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How to Engage and Motivate Employees Working Overseas


By Georgia Ellis

From the earliest days of travelling sales people and the opening of new territories, businesses have faced the challenge of managing and motivating remote workers. Even now, with the power of modern technology and robust corporate infrastructure, large companies can struggle to get it right. So it’s hardly surprising SMBs might think twice about expanding overseas, particularly if it involves relocating key workers.

Yet good management and careful planning can turn the challenge into an opportunity for growth both for the company and the individual employees. There are three main personnel issues you should consider as a manager of remote workers: their performance; their health and safety;...

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