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International Trade

Export to Succeed

Issue #103 June 2014

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Business exporting is critical to the success of both SMEs and the wider economy, yet currently only one in five SMEs export their products and services compared to an average of one in four across the EU.

Statistics from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) show that companies that export see a 34% increase in productivity within their first year of exporting, and are 11% more likely to survive. Overseas trade helps companies achieve economies of scale and levels of growth and revenue not otherwise possible, it can create new opportunities, increase sales, generate new clients, new products and much more.

What’s more, British products, services and expertise continue to be in demand across the world, opening up a wealth of lucrative opportunity to trade internationally, both in traditional, established markets such as Europe and the US, and the high-growth economies of the BRICs.

A selection of some of the UK’s leading experts on international trade are set to share some of their secrets of success at this year’s International Trade Expo 2014, part of the International Festival of Business 2014.

The two day event taking place on 10th and 11th June at ACC Liverpool will offer deep insight and solutions that will enable expo attendees to understand how they can start or grow their businesses internationally.

TTC wetranslate — a UK-based translation company — will be one of many exciting companies exhibiting and presenting at the expo. Managing Director, Levent Yildizgoren, said: “We’re delighted to be attending the ITE this year. It is a busy hub for global commerce and welcoming brand names, services and insight from around the world.”

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E2Exchange event
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E2Exchange event
Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane 05/06/2014...

Barclays Pocket Business Clinic: International Trading

‘Hi, my name’s Alan Bracken. I’m an International and Trade Business Manager for Barclays. This bite-size clinic is aimed at highlighting some of the considerations and factors involved when trading overseas.’

Expanding overseas will change your business.

‘The UK is one of the best places in the world to run a global business from. We’ve got a long history and heritage of providing fantastic products and services, and we’re seen very favourably by the countries that use them. You can expect an increase in productivity, profitability; your staff base will grow, your staff knowledge bank will grow and you’ll be exposed to new technologies and processes that you may not be exposed to domestically. Research by UKTI says...

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A View From The Top: Insights Into 100 Days As FedEx Leader In Europe


By David Binks, President," target="_blank"> FedEx Express

The significance of the first 100 days in any new senior leadership role at a business should not be underestimated. The first three-and-a-half months in office provides any new leader with an opportunity to take stock of the wider economy, understand what needs to be done and deliver a strategy that ensures the business continues on a prosperous path. The concept dates back to the first 100 days in office of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who successfully passed legislation having had the chance to survey the country's ailing economy in the wake of the Great Depression. In 2014 we are fortunately far away...

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International Trade Expo Interview: Robin Berry and Charles Lartey

Robin Berry:‘Hi, I’m Robin Berry and I’m a partner at Wilder Coe Chartered Accountants.’

Charles Lartey: ‘Hi, I’m Charles Lartey. I’m the Inward Investment Manager at Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.’

What advice would you give somebody entering a new market for the first time?

RB: ‘Above all else, I recommend that you do your research thoroughly. There’s a lot of information out there and you can do much of it from your desk. I also recommend you go and spend time on the ground in the new market; there really is no substitute for getting a feel for the market yourself and understanding the business culture in the new territory.’

CL: ‘It’s important to recognise...

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International Trade Expo Interview: Chris Airey

‘Hi, I’m Chris Airey, Chief Executive of Advocacy and Interaction. We’re a digital and marketing back office organisation.’

What advice would you give to somebody entering a new market for the first time?

‘I think you need to get to know customers in that market. You need to work out what interests them. You need to think how your products can adjust and fit and, most importantly, why you’re relevant. There will be competitors in the country you’re trying to enter, the market you’re trying to enter, so what will make people bother with you?’

What advantages do you think the UK has as a base for trading internationally?

‘In my industry, we have lots of...

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